Souffle2vie at jENS - CONGRESS IN ROME, ITALY, SEPTEMBER, 19th - 23rd, 2023

Souffle2vie presents the data of its latest collaborative clinical project in perinatal medicine in Guinea, called COURS-REA-CONAKRY.

In brief: We measured the impact of a two-day training course in neonatal resuscitation for health-care professionnals, working in very unpriviledged suburbs of Conakry, the capital of Guinea. Obstetrical and neonatal activity was compared before and after the training during a 6 months period, each.

Intervention: theoretical and practical training of resuscitation skills with a mannequin (Neo-Nathalie). All representatives of the 18 participating private and public maternities were then equipped with basic resuscitation devices (bag, masks, aspiration tool and stethoscope). 

With a questionnaire, knowledge about neonatal adaptation and resuscitation interventions was evaluated direcly before and after the training, as well as 6 months later.


- Unchanging high stillbirth rate with > 33/1'000 deliveries

- Decrease of early neonatal mortality (< 6h after birth) by 84%

- Drop of the need for neonatal transport by a factor of 6.5x.

- Sustainable improvement of theoretical knowledge at 6 months 

Conclusions: These date will help to convince decision makers in guinean health care system to multiply such trainings all over the country. 


To get full abstract, click here.


Souffle2vie and our guinean colleagues are convinced that our projects need to be associated with a scientific research project in order to measure objectively their impact and improving power and to provide local data about the guinean health care systeme, mainly in the field of perinatal and pediatric medicine.

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The Association Souffle2vie, explained in 2 minutes

See the report of the latest Mission

March 16, 2019

The report of the 8th mission of a team of souffle2vie is available just below. 

Rapport 8ème Mission Guinée Nov 2018.pdf
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One of the focus of this mission was the participation of Pr. Matthias Roth-Kleiner in the organizing committee of the "Forum National Consultatif sur la Santé Néonatale" which was held in novembre 23/24, 2018, in Conakry. Over 180 participants, representing the Ministry of Health of Guinea, WHO, UNICEF, neighbouring countries, leading hospitals ad teaching institutions of Guinea, NGOs like JHPIEGO (John's Hopkins University of Baltimore), souffle2vie and others,  and political, social and religious leaders of the Guinean Society signed the "Declaration of Conakry" which demands improvements in perinatal health in Guinea. You can download its content here below. 

Déclaration de Conakry 23 novembre 2018.
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March 4, 2019

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Assessing today for a better Tomorrow!

February 22, 2019

Dr Maria Bea Merscher is a young physician specializing in pediatrics and interested in pediatric infectious diseases. Equiped with a Master degree in Public Health, Dr Merscher is hired by  souffle2vie  and working now, during February and March 2019 in Conakry  in the "Institut de Nutrition et de Santé de l'Enfant" (INSE). Her mission englobes three objectives:

1. To monitor all newborn admissions to the INSE, their treatment and outcome during one month to get a detailed epidemiologic overwiew about neonatal health care problems in Conakry.

2. To assist in implementing a database giving the opportunity in the future to monitor the progression of neonatal care and measure the effect of newly implemeted treatment approaches.

3. To participate as a clinician in the care of the newborn patients admitted to the hospital.

You can follow this project on the blog appearing here nad supporting it by making a donation with the mention "Project Maria Bea Merscher".


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Project "The race for oxygen"

February 4, 2019

Picture legend: Dysfunctional oxygen concentrator deliverign 21% oxygen (room air) instead of >90% if functioning properly.

The vast majority of newborn mortality is due to respiratory insufficiency. Oxygen therapy, the fundament of each respiratory support, is still lacking in neonatal units in Guinea.

With the Pilot-Project "The race for oxygen" we aimed to raise  11'000.- SFR to supply the neonatal intensive care unit of the University Hospital Donka in Conakry with an oxygen system that allows oxygen treatment for newborn babies in need.

Special equipment is needed to assure oxygen therapy in the climate of Conakry with temperatures up to 45°C and a humidity close to 100%. 

Your donation helps saving lifes!

Thanks to your support, we were already able to buy the first kit of equipment needed.

The first series of equipment is now ordered and will be implanted in May 2019.

Humanitarian                    Neonatology award 2019

January 23, 2019

Souffle2vie  was awarded by the Swiss Society of Neonatology for the best humanitarian project 2019, entitled "The Race for Oxygen!". This pilot project is a first step towards a sustainable oxygen therapy for newborn infants to be implanted in Guinea.